Cubase 7 (7.5) Yamaha Motif XF compatibility

I have previously worked with Cubase AI5, AI6, acquired Cubase 7. I use as a controller , MIDI keyboard and sound card with Yamaha Motif XF audio interface FW16E. Faced with the problem of the compatibility functions remote control Motif XF in recent versions of Cubase ( 7 and 7.5).
Many features bidirectional interaction DAW workstation and in those versions do not work - in fact, that certainly worked in Cubase 5 and 6 , stopped working in version 7 , version 7.5 has further deteriorated. For example stopped working track selection in Cubase c Motif synthesizer panel , almost all innovations Cubase 7 and 7.5 are not controlled by Motif. Prompt, knowledgeable people , is there a way to bring a stable and comfortable work Motif XF as a controller Cubase? Or this will work will be implemented in upcoming updates ? Thank you!

A similar problem occurs be other users Cubase 7.5, working with the Yamaha MOTIF XF. The problem manifests itself in the emergence of new functions to synchronize tracks .
For Cubase Preferences > VST> Plug-ins > added switchable parameter called "Sync selection software plugin to track selection "
This parameter was not previously in any version of Cubase. And now there is no mention of this in the documentation Steinberg.
Perhaps manufacturer Cubase added this feature , tested it enough job, but it is not working correctly. Hope that bug will be fixed in future updates .

Hooray! After installing the firmware update 1.50 and Motif Editor 1.6.3 solved my problem. Thanks Yamaha!