Cubase 7 Activation

I purchased Cubase 7 and received an activation code I opened my e licenser put the activation code in. I got the message that there was no activation code at this time. I updated my e licenser software tried again but got the same message.

I thought maybe I need to go on the Steinberg website to register my software but there was nowhere I could find to do do this? I’m very confused on how to get my Cubase 7 activated. I did the Cubase 6.5 to 7 upgrade.

Thanks in advance.

Run Maint.?

Was that an incorrectly typed 0 or an O perhaps? I believe that message comes up when the entry is typed wrong.

I’m on a Mac not Windows.And it was a 0 not an O. thanks in advance. Still waiting for Steinberg and the online store to respond!

I have a feeling I think I know what’s going on. I have Cubase 6.0.7 (Mac)
So I think it wants the license for 6.5. So it won’t accept my activation code for Cubase 7.
I’ve done all the updates but it says I don’t have the license for 6.5.
But I think that’s just an update. There was nothing that said I had to pay for it. So how do I get this License?
I also have Nuendo I’ve done all the updates. So until I get this 6.5 License I can’t update.

6.5 was a paid update.

Do you have a 6.5 license on your elicenser? As N8 already said, 6.5 was a paid update. If there is only a license for Cubase 6 you will need to ask for a refund, and then buy a 6 to 7 update.

how can i get my activation code