Cubase 7 and kontakt 5 free

Has anyone had any issues with the free version of kontakt 5…seems like they included a NI usb pport plugin with it that wont let a regular controller access midi in…also it will make changes in your device manager for audio…just letting everyone have a heads up … now the question would be is the regular version the same?..running on new Imac 2.9 8 gigs and osx 10.8.3

Also I might add they install aauthorization manager which actually never installed cause my maching to go blank.

All NI instruments install the control center which must be run to register whatever you’ve installed. You have to register the free player using the serial number that was sent you by email before you can use it, of course you have to open up a user account on the NI website in order to register.

The USB port you mention is probably the software controller editor for NI audio interfaces and Maschine etc, that’s been installed as part of the download, (it’s in the full Kontakt version also) that can be disabled quite easily in various preferences, a good place to start is in the NI program files folder and llok for the controller PDF, though wouldn’t know where on a Mac, you’ll find all the info you need in there, just disable the controller from running up start up or use it in someway if you have any NI harware, you as or activate/disable the midi and audio from it it cubase preferences.

Hope that helps in someway

Thanks for that info guys :slight_smile:
Just what I was looking for.