Cubase 7 and M-Track Plus

Hi guys, I am very excited to start recording some audio with Cubase 7. However, I am having a very difficult time trying to use my M-Track Plus with Cubase.

My ASIO Driver is BUILT-IN AUDIO but I also am able to choose M-TRACK PLUS

When I choose M-TRACK PLUS I get no audio playback at all so I choose the BUILT-IN AUDIO.
The BUILT-IN AUDIO works fine for output but I will not let me use my M-Track Plus for Input

Can I have my AUDIO INPUT selected to M-Track Plus and also have my AUDIO OUTPUT to the BUILT-IN AUDIO?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes you can, use ASIO4all if you’re on PC or aggregate device if on mac. A quick Google search should help you set up either one.
However, it would be better to get the output from your mtrack working. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but did you connect your speakers to the Mtrack outputs? Did you check VST-connections in Cubase to set up your in and output busses?

Hi guys,

I am planning to buy the M-track from M-audio but I am just worried if it is not compatible with Cubase LE5.

Can anyone confirm if the two are compatible before I purchase the said audio interface?

Thank you.

Yes, that should work perfectly fine!