Cubase 7 and Metagrid problem!


After reading many posts about Metagrid, macros related to Cubase only…I surrender!

Look…I bought Metagrid a week ago, I followed all tutorials about setup the Ipad Air 2, downloaded Metaserver for my PC and my Mac pro.
I opened my Cubase 7 last project, I selected a folder instruments section (STRINGS) following as an example the tutorial about setting ipad and cubase of Metagrid…all seems ok! but when I try to setup a new generic device, I import the metasystem_macros.xml (finally metasystem.xml and metasystem cubase 9.xml also) but I have no response through midi activity in the transport panel of Cubase, like I receive from my keys controllers!

I push the button I’ve created in Metagrid labeled “STRINGS” like I see in the video, but I can’t get in the main view of generic devices midi in and out, the “metasystem_cubase in and metasystem cubase out”, so I can’t assign the incoming midi data from Ipad!

Obviously, I have connection trough Ipad and computers…but no response in midi activity at all in Cubase! so…sorry, an stupid question but…Metagrid works with Cubase 7??? i should say than metasystem_cubase 9, when I imported the xml as a new generic device, I see configurated yet many of the commands (neither responses) and I don’t think I need to reassign all parameters od every single macro or shortcut or I can spend months!

Any help about this?

Thank you!

Never heard of metagrid, just reading about it now.

So you put an app on your ipad then how does it communicate to the PC? Wireless networking?

Or do you have to have a midi interface connecting the two?