Cubase 7 and UAD-2 plugins

Does Cubase 7 work with the new UAD-2 6.5 release?

It says here in the Know Issues that:

Known Issues – Mac and Windows
System sleep is not supported with UAD FireWire devices (Apollo and UAD-2 Satellite)
Cubase 7 is not yet qualified with this release
. Complete qualification of Cubase 7 is planned for a future UAD release.

So is anyone still using UAD-2 plugins with Cubase 7 succesfully?

They are working fine for me. I am one rev back from the most recent UAD update. Using the cards not the outboard devices. If you click on the qualified link it explains that yes it probably will work, but we (UAD) haven’t tested it enough to give it our blessing. Also there haven’t been a bunch of postings here about UAD not working, and there certainly would be if there was a problem. So I think you’re safe.

Using UAD 6.5 and Cubase 7 all OK here (64-bit Win 7), no problems at all.

Ok will try then. Thanks!

I’ve tried it in C7.0.2 and only work properly in 32bit mode, 64bit mode only recognizes the new plugins that incorporates 6.5.

I hope you like!

I’m using UAD 6.4 and 64bit is working fine both with 7.0.1 and as of yesterday 7.0.2

I’m getting crashes here in 64bit osx 10.8 .seems if you open a plugin then change that plugin to another uad plugin cubase is crashing for me.

Try this:

Problem Fixed: Deleted all Uad plugs in: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\Powered Plugins folder and replaced them with the ones in the: C:\Program Files\Universal Audio\Powered Plugins\UAD-2 Powered Plugins.
Problem solved. Seems something is wrong with the UAD installer, installing 32-bit versions in the 64-bit folder.

Running Windows 7 64-bit with Cubase 7.0.2 32-bit and UAD-2 v6.4.0 32-bit, no problems here.

6.5.1 working good here with 7.02.

I did have crashing issues but I did the fix suggested by BinaryAudio here


And all sorted.

I am having severe problems with UAD plug ins, running an Apollo Quad UAD v 7.1 and Cubase 7.05.

When I have even one instance of UAD in my cubase session upon playback and lower buffer setting anywhere below 256 I get the worst digital distortion sounds and my VST performance bar is slammed at the top peaking the whole time. When I put the buffer back to above 256 or remove the UAD plug in all goes back to normal.

Any ideas or similar problems?