Cubase 7 and Zoom R16/24

Hi Folks,
A little advisory for those of you that use the Zoom R16 or R26 as your audio interface with Cubase 7/Artist 7. I upgraded to Artist 7 from 6 a couple of weeks back and was plagued by audio glitches almost immediately even with no VSTs running and the processor and RAM virtually asleep, it didn’t effect midi, just audio. I had no such problems with Artist 6.

After, much head scratching, forum searching and process disabling, the reason, it turned out, was the new R16/24 driver (v2.00). I’m afraid I don’t know why, but maybe someone else may be able to contribute.

Short version, roll back your driver to v1.4 if you use Cubase 7 with a Zoom R16 or 24.