Cubase 7 - Can no longer set project folder

Hi there,

Been having a few problems since the clocks changed. For some reason, Cubase 7 always has a few issues for me - i.e. this time going through various activation processes again/deleting Kontakt etc.

Sorted those. The main problem I have now is that I cannot set a location for a new project. The ‘set project folder’ box comes up but everything else is no longer visible apart from ‘desktop’ and ‘owner’. Clicking on desktop does nothing. ‘owner’ just has my docs and things from the C drive on. Before I could choose other drives etc. It’s like Cubase can’t see any other drives.

A screen shot after:


How can I get it to see my other drives? I did ring them support line and deleted the preferences folder but that made no difference.

Hope someone can help!! Thanks


What changed between these two screenshots?

Hi Martin, a very good question! Actually, that’s what it used to look like. But it also looks like this if I do a workaround.

What I mean is…

Now, once cubase is started, I have no way of creating a new project folder on another drive. It can only see what’s on drive C. However, I can open existing folders on any drive. So, the way round it is to open one of my existing blank ‘template.cpr’ projects on my desired location. However, when I do that it then prompts me to set the project folder!

Which is what I want it to do when I click on ‘new project’ first of all - which it has been doing for the last several years.

It is most bizarre and it has baffled alot of people. Still awaiting a response from Steinberg to my support query.

I hope I have explained it ok. It is quite difficult to explain. Maybe I should do a video. It is driving me nuts.

To understand a little better… will it work using this procedure?

From the Steinberg hub…

  • Highlight a template from the “More” menu.
  • Check to ensure either “Choose default location” or “Prompt for project location” is checked (sounds like you would want “Prompt for project location” checked).
  • Click the “create” button.
  • Now you would see the “Set Project Folder” menu with your last project folder highlighted.
  • Highlight a folder where you store your projects.
  • Click the “Add Folder” button
  • Name that folder.
  • Click “OK”

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Thanks for that. Yeah, I can do that but I can still only see the C drive. I can add a new folder, but it can only add it to the C drive. Before Saturday, I could see all my drives as in the screenshot above.

My other drives are there, I can open projects up from them, but I can’t set a new folder location in anything other than C drive.

Thanks for replying and the suggestion!


You definitely should see (or at least be able to navigate to and see) any drive and location.

Just a shot in the dark… is Cubase set to run as administrator? Right click on the icon/shortcut and check in the (I think) properties menu. Maybe something changed here.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the suggestion Prock. That didn’t work either :frowning:

How very annoying.

Did you already try to trash the Preferences (Start Safe Mode)?

I did get rid of the cubase7_64 folder as suggested by their support over the phone (this was the only suggestion he could offer unfortunately). Is that what you mean?

What is disappointing is that Steinberg never responded to my support ticket. I have been a loyal customer for many, many years. Maybe it is time for a change. They are just not interested in helping me, seemingly.

OK, the Preferences trashing helps.