Cubase 7 - CC121 & MR816CSX

I have Cubase 5, MR816CSX and CC121. Will my hardware work with cubase 7?

Yes I would like to know if my cc121 is compatible too!

Steinberg already answered this, and the answer is “yes”.


Still waiting to hear about MR816 compatability. I don’t see anything that indicates the in-channel MR strip control they currently have. And, I dare to ask, any chance they can address the direct monitoring problem with multiple units in C7?

Instead of waiting to hear, read the link a few posts up.

Will it work. Yes. Will it have the function of controlling everything in the channel? I doubt.

Excuse me, but the post you point to refers ONLY to the CC121. I’m asking specifically about the MR816CSX.

Sorry, I thought it linked to the feature document. If you go to the C7 downloads page, there is a features pdf that lists the supported devices.

@JMCecil; Thanks!
Here it is for everyone else:

would like to know about the yamaha N series stuff and C7

I am using MR816 successfully with C7 only that when using direct monitoring I cannot get any of the reverb to work properly. In other words in the past I could get the direct monitoring to work as described with the Reverb built in to the mr816. Since the upgrade I cannot find out how to make it work. Any ideas?

Press >F3 to open mixer, > Select RacKs, > Select Hardware, Arrange mixer to view all hardware items properly.
I haven’t used it yet but I assume it works :slight_smile:

I’m using the mr816X, with c6.5 I could not get the rev-x working, bit in C7 it works at the first attempt, so definitly a big YES it works. Pitty that the eq section of the cc121 isn’t working (and so the quick controls also won’t be working (assumption though)).

Oh yeah, my signature sYS 6.5 BUT CAN’T UPDATE MY SIGNATURE FOR 3 MONTHS NOW, but I’, on C7 for sure :sunglasses: