cubase 7 colors

before upgrading to cubase 7 from 6.5…when i imported a bunch of audio stems they came up in various nice colors. now when import in 7 they are a depressing grey color. How do i change this back? thanks :slight_smile:

You need to use Track Archives.

what are they?

pg. 696 in the manual

Hi thanks for the reference. Have checked the manual and not sure if i explained myself correctly.

When i import an audio file to cubase the default color is grey. how do i make it something other than grey without having to manually change it myself?

If I remember right in 7.0.1 colors are not assigned automatically. (I think it’s reported in Issues)

In the mean time you can assign varied colors using the Project Logical Editor. I think there is a preset for that. (don’t have my dongle with me now, otherwise I would give you the name of the preset.)

I noticed that! Even changing correctly the configuration regarding track colors in preferences, Cubase 7.0.1 creates tracks always in grey.