Cubase 7 Crash after 10 min

Hi there…
I’m using Cubase for a long time.
I’ve just upgraded Cubase 7 64bit from 6.5 and I have a HUGE problem,
after 10 min of using Cubase 7 it’s stops no matter what i’m doing! let me explain :
No sound , I can’t exit cubase … I can’t even use the Task Manager, the whole computer is stuck now.
The only thing left for me to do is to reboot the computer.
It’s also happens with the 32bit version and with Cubase 6.5 both versions.

I’m using Windows 8 64bit , Q6600 , 8GB - TC electronics Impact Twins.
I’ve never had that proplem before!
PLEASE HELP!!! I can’t work like this and I’m losing costumers.

Sorry about my english…

I had something similar happen to me once… For me, I had a stick of memory that went bad. It took a while for me and my friends to figure out, but in the end, all was well…

This is just an idea for you, it doesn’t mean this will solve your problem Good luck!


hi ,
i have the same problem last time, its cubase either hang or multiple window with " serious problem has eccoured…blb bla" massage… this only happen when i upgraded from 32 to 64 bit cubase , n from window 7 to 8…for my laptop n desktop,
but now all are running good…

few thing that i did was…
-un install n re install cubase only( still kept also my other 3rd party vst)
-un install all my 3rd 32 bit plugin… now im using only 64bit plugins
-go to and update it
-update all audio/midi driver that compatible with window 8

i dont know which one that solve the problem , but everything is good now…
maybe…just maybe it was the 32 bit plugins…

now i have my laptop n desktop both running window 8 64bit and Cubase 64bit… good luck

32bit plugins can be a huge mess. But years ago, I had exactly the problem described in the OP and I had a bad memory too like Nexis.