CUBASE 7 crashes Windows 7

Ever since upgrading to Cubase 7 (64 bit) I have been unable to use it as it crashes when loading the projects assistant/Hub. The Windows 7 operating system also hangs with the blue circle busy mouse Icon. There is another thread entitled “Cubase 7 crashes along with explorer” which I believe is teh same issue but there soes not yet apear to be a solution. I have raised a support form request but have had no answer in over two weeks. The 32 bit version can get beyonf teh project assistant screen and load a project but it still hangs the operating system.

I have tried disabling the hub service dll but still get a blank project assistant screen and the same system hang. This has become a complete frustration.

Any ideas anyone?

Any ideas anyone?

What soundcard…are you just opening Cubase or opening old projects??

I have this very same issue I also posted a topic about it, just tried the 32 bit version and it worked but froze windows, so it must be exactly the same issue. I am running trial.

Edirol FA101 sound card which has been working fine on Cubase 6.5 and previosu versions. Cubase 7 crashes on opening and before being able to get to a project i.e. when the project assistant and hub window tries to display.

I can get to open a project by opening cubase by double clicking on an existing project but the operating system still hangs.

Fixed my problem. Uninstalled Freecorder 7. Yippeee

Grim, I have to say it, these kinds of posts with the conclusion being that the user installed something goofy that caused Cubase to fumble really put a smile on my face. :laughing: And I don’t know what Steinberg thinks about it but I do wonder if it causes them to ignore some complaints.

OK, back to the post. Oh, wait, his problem was solved.

It’s never the fault of Cubase :confused:

At least it was solved.

A DAW like Cubase is a very complex programme. You cannot expect users to navigate these complexity without the occasional problem. Steinberg does have something to answer for with regard to the poor response of it’s support techs. I personally have had as number of enquiries that got no response and some that took over two weeks. The forum is great, but sometimes you do need expert assistance.


keep your DAW systems LEAN and CLEAN. If you want to toy with junk applications (freeware, seriously?), get another computer for that purpose.

Ha :smiley: