Cubase 7 & Cubase Elements 7

I use a Mac Pro Desktop & cubase 7 to compose music for films. My question was…does cubase element 7 play video files? I have a macbook pro and so wanted to play back the video on the macbook pro and run the cubase project on the MacPro so that I utilise the macbook pro system resources and conserve the MacPro resources. I am thinking of syncing both the systems via VST system link. Any advice is appreciated and also if anyone can share any other way they can solve this problems.

Cubase Elements 7 can import and play a video file and it can use System Link.

To run VST System Link, you need two licenses of Cubase and two audio interfaces with ADAT optical connections.
Personally, I prefer to use the Freeze function to maximize my processor/RAM capabilities in a project. Also, I tend to use more compressed video files so that they are lighter on processing.