Cubase 7 Documentation Updates

Has there been any updates to the Cubase 7 documentation since the 7.0 version? There have been many changes from the original to 7.0.6 and I wondered if any addendum PDFs have been written.

AFAIK, no. The operation manual is still as it was at 7.0.0 release. And even this one was not up to date, as it was still describing features that were removed since the 6.5 version. As an example, the preferences ‘Appearance/Work area’ page settings and ‘Appearance/General’ ones (p. 704-705).

This, looking at the operation manual installed with the 7.0.6 version…

I used to be a Technical Author with a software company. Documentation is a core requirement and must be kept up to date. It’s not an added extra or a bonus, or even a ‘we should be grateful to have any’ item.

It’s for Steinberg to answer why this requirement has been allowed to fail. Documentation is part of the product life cycle.

Mods - any views/comments?

Big +1!!!

How do you turn off a plugin again…is it Alt+Click, Alt+Double Click, Control+Alt+Enter, Hover,
etc, etc…
I know it is Alt+Click now but is has changed a few times.

I feel sorry for people just jumping on board.
It would be slightly confusing.

+1 … even if it’s only the new MixConsole alone … there have been so many changes/fixes since the original release that makes the original documentation obsolete in many areas.

Well I am no engineer and have never found an “intuitive” component to Cubase . A manual for me is a very helpful requirement. As Rotund mentioned, I feel sorry for newbies although so many helpful guys here have lent a hand in solving some issues for me too