Cubase 7 el capitan installation

Hi there,

I recently purchased a macbook pro loaded with el capitan and tried to install Cubase 7 that i originally bought and have been working but the installation won’t even start cause it says that i need to have at least Macos x 10.6 and this version is not correct…

I know that el capitan is not yet compatible with any cubase versions but is this normal?

Will there be update for el capitan for cubase 7 and if yes i can then install?



Use Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Yosemite.

WOW! It actually worked man!!! Thank you big time


I’m glad it helps. But be aware, Cubase 7 is not officialy compatible with El Capitan.

Yup i know and unfortunately there isn’t even any plan of making it compatible yet which is VERY disappointing!!

Don’t know exactly what compatibility problems there are for 7.5 at the moment but i’ll try working on a project to see what happens…

I use cubase and nuendo over 10 years now and i love it but this totally sucks…they should be faster with the updates.

The tool worked for me too, but Cubase doesn’t seem to appear anywhere after it said it succesfully installed it. I’ve looked through my files, did a spotlight search etc. Help!

I remember, there was this kind of issue with the very first Cubase 7.0.0 installer. Did you install 7.0.0 or any newer Full installer version, please?

I cannot install cubase 7 on Yosemite 10.10 OS X, do you know why?..I used the app installer on Yosemite but it doesn’t works.

When I try to run the app, This is the message that appear “No Steinberg products found. Please mount the downloaded product or insert the product disc in your disc drive and restart this app.” and obviously is mounted on my desktop.


Are you sure, the disc is mounted? Can you see it in the list of discs in Finder, please?

Hey, sorry for the late response. No, I didn’t. I used both the CD-ROM and the 7.0.7 installer on the site.

Steinberg said they’d release an update on december 26th, but I haven’t seen anything yet. Could anyone tell me what’s up with that? The software’s still not running on my macbook. :frowning:


The update you are referent to is update of Cubase 8.0, and Nuendo 7.0, not Cubase 7.0.

Hi, can you help me please, this link doesn’t works :frowning:

You can find the Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Mac OS X here: