cubase 7 element trial how to install license?

I installed the installation files for win
but when I click the exe file to cubase, tells me that a license is missing the necessary code to start
that is written on your work without usb eLicenser I explained how to install the license to try one month trial version of the element?
please explain the steps for installing and starting cubase 7 element trial

Register and activate the trial at MySteinberg.

create a mySteinberg account if you don´t already have one.
from there - “add software” - then follow the steps on the screen

Normally this time it should work without having to activate Cubase 7 Elements.

Because I could not believe this I tried it out: on my Mac it really works.

Quote SB site:

The free Cubase Elements 7 trial version runs for 30 days without any limitations. No registration is required. Just download, install and start recording, editing and mixing your music in exceptional quality. And the Cubase Elements trial version runs without a USB-eLicenser.


It should work.

I recorded on my steinberg, but do not understand how the request gets to have the code cubase element 7 trial?
click my procucts
Add Software
cubase element
Your eLicenser with ID 295904xxxx 005EB72xxx was successfully registered.
No products found on this eLicenser


I tried to request a code for wavelab 6 and I get the email with the code, but I do not get cubase 7 element code
Your eLicenser with ID 2959042625 005EB72CAE was successfully registered.
No products found on this eLicenser ???

You need to open elicenser software and activate the license there.

I think you should erase all this personal info from your posts (IDs, and son on).

Do not worry about id, there is not no installed license…
explain to me the steps to request the license key thanks
if you can take a picture. which is clearer

no one knows tell me how to take the test code in a month?
I laugh, for moderators that not even know what to say users
however, it will be a scam Steiberg did not put the trial that works with the eLicenser, because the other license keys work, the element but no

I downloaded and installed it and it worked for 2 days then will not boot. I hangs with “Initializing eLC”.

Hi gkee,

which operating system are you trying to install Cubase Elements 7 on?

FYI: the trial license for Cubase Elements 7 gets activated automatically during the installation. There is no need to create an account on MySteinberg and there are no activation codes that can be generated there.