Cubase 7 Elements Black Windows

When I’ve upgraded my Mac OS X (Yosemite), I’ve got a Cubase problem.
If I use my original softwares (East West Quantum Leap Plugins, UAD Plugins) and I want to close them, some black windows stays there… If I open any new window for example calendar, the black windows pass off.
Until we have not got a Yosemite update, the Steinberg could say “Sorry, we don’t have Yosemite update!”
I wrote some e-mail them, but I always got this answer. That’s alright, but we got an update a few weeks ago, and my problem doesn’t cease… Of course, I sent a new e-mail, but they don’t reply. This is a reason because I made this topic.

  1. Maybe any clever and nice guy can help me.
  2. Unacceptable that the Steinberg team don’t help us. Me and a lot of people bought their original softwares, we paid them, and I can’t use it!

A few details:
I updated the software, it wasn’t working.
I deleted the software and all files, reinstall the software, it wasn’t working.
I reinstalled the East West Quantum Leap Plugins and UAD Plugins, it’s not working.
So, could somebody help me please?
Thanks advance guys!

can no one help me?

I need help to - I cant find out how to use my yamaha THR amp that comes with this program in the brand new amp box. Ive gone in under devices ‘on computer’ after downloading it ‘to computer’ and there doesnt seem an easy button to connect program with amp

I am also retarded and am just now learning to read. I will update this embarrassed forum after I continue my education about issues that I could solve by reading. Thank You - SR . P.S I’m not really Retarded.