Cubase 7 Elements: Error Message

Hi Cubase people,

I am working with Cubase Elements 7. I tried to load a Midifile and got an error message:

“Cannot add more tracks: The MIDI track count is at its limit.”

I’m a lot confused. What tracks? The MIDIfile was being loaded into a blank project window. What is a “MIDI track count” and lastly, how do I move past this?

I emailed Tech Support and they said they don’t support Cubase 7 anymore. I’m at wit’s end. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

In Cubase Elements edition, there is a limit of MIDI tracks count, you can use in the project. You can find the exact numbers in the Cubase editions comparison chart. It’s for Cubase 11, but I think it was the same in Cubase 7. As you can see, there is the limit of 64 MIDI tracks in Cubase Elements.

I don’t know the MIDI file, but of course, there could be more than 64 MIDI Tracks, if you use more then 4 MIDI Ports.

Thank you, Martin. Much appreciated. This was a MIDIfile I had been given and there was only supposed to be a drum track and a bass track on it. Your post clued me in to the fact it could have been much more. I tried a different MIDI file and it loaded perfectly. Thanks for your help!