Cubase 7 elements for free

For us Cubase 7 users? I hope so!! Where is the download link?

Will it need a dongle?


yes I would of thought so as wavelab elements does

Don’t know where the “free” bit is coming from … Elements will run if there’s a license for C7 on the dongle, but it will also optionally install a “soft” eLicenser", but that still needs a paid-for license for Elements. You can transfer the license from the “soft eLicenser” to a dongle if you wish, but there would be no sense in having both a C7 and a CE7 license on the same dongle.

I use 2 dongles, one for the studio machine which has full versions on it, and one for the laptop with has “Elements” versions, as I don’t want to risk the full versions getting lost or stolen.

No, in fact, if you install WaveLab Elements 8 on a machine that doesn’t have a dongle attached, it will install a “soft eLicenser” which can have a license installed and activated. You can transfer the license to a dongle, but think hard before you do this, as you can’t transfer it back to the “soft eLicenser”.

If I understand this right. My friend who use Imac and Garageband can buy Cubase Elements 7 from Steinberg shop and download. Then activate it useing soft elicencer (no dongle). If he choose later om he can buy a dongle and transfer that soft elicencer to dongle (permantly) This is the case if he like Cubase and what to keep on using it.

Me as i Cubase 7 must buy elements 7. It is not “free” though I use Cubase 7.

sorry I posted at the same time as your reply , my apologises for miss informing :blush: :blush:

Yes, that’s what I do. It’s not free for your friend either, to get the activation key (even for the “soft eLicenser”) he had to pay for a license. That allowed him to activate Elements for his iMac only … he can’t use the activation code a second time. It’s “attached” to that one iMac. If he wants to use it on another computer, he must buy a dongle and transfer it to the dongle, although there is a way to “deactivate” the soft eLicenser and activate it on another computer, nevertheless, it can still only be on one computer at a time. Have a look in MySteinberg, something like “licensing wizard”.

Got it!
I Think cubase 7 users should have a free license to download in mysteinberg. Elements its just a cut down version of the complete version. Would be great to have on a laptop. Well, well.

You can put Cubase 7 on your laptop for free. Just install it, plug your dongle in and get to work!
Or, did you mean you want a second license (the soft license on the laptop, in addition to the one on the dongle) for free? As far as having a “lite” version of Cubase, I believe the Elements versions have full functionality at installation. It is just the lack of the full license that prevents using those features. I may be wrong, but with Cubase 6, the trial was fully functional and then if someone bought a license (any of the three levels), they didn’t actually need to re-install or anything (although there was some content missing from the trial).

I’m assuming Cubase 7 can open Elements files, but can you save Cubase 7 files (as long as they dont go over the track limits, etc) as cubase Elements files?

I think Steinberg should really relax the dongle requirements and offer some option, even if it is a limited one like a free Elements license. But preferably just switch to the soft-eLicenser entirely. It’s time.

People with laptops will surely look at the numerous other DAWs that don’t come with this problem, because carrying around a dongle is just incredibly dangerous considering how easy to lose and damage-prone it is. The piracy aspect is close to irrelevant, since so many programs are doing just fine with simple activation. Yes you may get some crappy cracked version out of them more easily, but frankly customer satisfaction for paying users should be the biggest concern, by far.

You don´t need to, since Elements 7 will quite certainly be able to open C7 files.