Cubase 7 Elements on Windows 10?

Hi everyone,

I have seen this new windows 10 free upgrade which will be released very soon.
I am running Cubase 7 Elements (latest update), Cubase IC pro and EZ Drummer on Windows 7(64) (latest update)
I am quite tempted to upgrade to windows 10 once released. But i am scared if i loose my applications or i have to reinstall everything again. They said you won’t loose your programs but wanted to know if anyone knows anything or can help?

Also i don’t have this USB eLicencer (just have the software version installed already on my win7). Will i be needing that if i want to relocate to a new windows?

Thanks in advanced


Currently none of our software is supported on Windows 10. Please continue to visit for all of the latest news and updates regarding Windows 10 support.

Cubase Elements 7 uses a soft-eLicenser that installs to the computer. The USB-eLicenser key is an optional purchase.

The Cubase Elements 7 program can be reactivated in your MySteinberg account under “My products” → “Reactivation”.

Thank you,

I was successfully running Cubase Elements 7 under Windows 8.1, but chose to update to Windows 10 - it’s taken a while, but the software does run in compatability mode - the eLicence works in CM for Win7 - Cubase runs in CM for Win8 (but I’ve chosen Win7 to try and avoid issues with the eLicence).
So far all is ok, although now I have some issues over the sound - I may have to play about with ASIO drivers for that one.