Cubase 7 for Live Performances

Has anyone used or are using Cubase 7 or 6 for live performances? such as if you was using Logic, DP8, or Reason 6 or 7 for the extra samples & instrumaents in a live performance… I’m thinking about using Cubase for this with having pre-recorded vocals, strings/brass, & a rhythm/percussion tracks for use with my 4 piece contempory jazz band…

Cubase 7 for Live? No thanks.

I use Cubase 5.5.3 with HS 1.6 in live situations all the time. Be very careful which plugins you use (they should have zero latency AND report zero latency to the host). Apart from that, nearly everything can be done with Cubase on stage, and at least 5.5.3 is very reliable for me. I’d prefer the upcoming 6.5.5 for first experiments instead of 7.0.6 if I were you. Good luck.

Cubase can sync to external clock making it ok for doing backing track stuff. But, Cubase isn’t ideal for many live workflows. You might want to look into Cantabile or Forte.

Thanks for all the replies; ill look into Cantabile or Forte…

Just to be clear, you can use Cubase for lots of live applications. But if you it is of any complexity, there are better things that more suited.

Will the more better suited be the likes of Reason, DP8, & or Logic Pro? or Cantabile, Forte?

Reason, DP8 and Logic are all primarily hosts for recording/composing/editing/rendering. So,they will have different pros and cons for live work, but will be somewhere in the same neighborhood as Cubase. Live would be the one real exception to that if you happen to be interested in EDM … that’s kind of what it’s for.

Cantabile and Forte are actually Hosts FOR configuration and management of live performances.

But again, if you have the simple scenario of wanting to sync some backing audio to a click track, Cubase will work just fine.

Cool… thanks JMCecil…

Aloha guys,

I have been using Cubase live every weekend since SX3.
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The only probs have been with either 3rd party software
(SampleTank or NI) or physical hardware probs.

HTH (hope this helps)

I use Cubase 7 for live backing tracks without any problems. Here’s what I do:

  • Export my pre mixed projects/songs as a stereo audio file and a separate mono click audio file and then import them to a new project where every song and it’s audio click track is a track/channel.
  • Line my songs (tracks) so every song begins right after the other ends. Playlist order is not important here.
  • Create an arranger track and set every song to be a new section.
  • Now you can order the songs the way you want in the arranger track and set them so cubase automatically stops after one song/section ends.

I use cubase IC pro to control my songs remotely.

I have used this setup to record my band’s rehearsals too, monitoring with fx, using control room to send different mixes to every band member without a glitch.

I haven’t tried with MIDI tracks and VST instruments because I trust pre mixed stereo audio files more than VSTi’s.

Hope this make sense!!

I have been using Cubase for years live, playing Backing tracks and sending MIDI data to keys and Light Controllers and to a custom MIDI to DMX convertor. It has been working fine, now I wish to replace most of my Hardware synthesisers with Piano, Hammond, Rhodes & Massive plugins. Surely there must be a way to remap incoming Midi streams to different Midi channels to allow differenet controllers to access separate plugins in Cubase 7 like Cantible & Forte? It seems like such an obvious thing to do…

also doing regular gigs with two people midi-ing to the same laptop onstage, and no prob at all.
the only thing is you need to do the homework properly, never push the laptop near to the roof, and avoid background processes that can interfere with you’re action. the last thing you wan’t is a popup for updates… :slight_smile:

So start your own thread on it. You may get some nice surprises. Seems like such an obvious thing to do… :mrgreen: But are you really working with the best tool for live performance the way YOU work?

I didn’t feel confident using Cubase 7 live because of all the issues in 2013. Never crashed during usage, I never lost work. It was mostly the crashs on quit…

On the other hand Cubase 6.5 and 7.5 have been rock solid. No issues using them live but I create live projects they include live audio versions of the songs plus a few VST instruments and FX channels to play and sing live with the UR28M direct monitoring all in one project. Finally a tempo track for smooth song transitions. It works for me.

I wouldn’t recommend opening and closing projects after each song…

There might be some pauses between songs but that’s okay all professionals have them also.
I’m an electronic/computer musician. I’m not a DJ.

You heard me :exclamation:

i agree. to be save for a full gig of f.e. 1h15 i use the vep5 for dropping the live material into it because this handles the data quite stable live, and you can recover. even when crashing (what wasn’t untill now)

it is all about what you are going to do, and how you are going to do it.
cubase can do it without a problem.
it depends on the person who has the control over it.
but having some backup scenario’s isn’t a bad idea.

Major +1

I use it every week for live performance. It is my entire keyboard rig. I access all my VST Instruments via Cubase as well as playing background loops\sequences.