Cubase 7 Has Stopped Working and other issues.

Hi Everybody,

Having some weird issues with Cubase 7 last few days.
Cubase 7, Windows 8.1, Focusrite 18i20

Here’s whats up :
When closing a session I have received the Cubase 7 Has Stopped Working message.
In the last few days every time I have loaded a Waves plugin it has caused my playback to skip every few seconds.
Today, when clicking in the project window to move the cursor, it has caused an enormous spike in the VST performance meter which results in an unpleasant sound through the monitors.
I opened a recent session and all the midi drum track data had been stretched apart and overlapping to nearly 7,000 bars.

I have no idea what this could possibly be so any help would be appreciated.


Although my post is only a day old there have been changes in Cubase activity.

After uninstalling my waves plugins I tried a very small session which seemed to be working fine. I loaded Groove Agent One and assigned a midi track to it and then the problems began again. Now simply hitting the spacebar for playback causes a much larger spike in the VST and Disk meter. Each time this happens its triggers GA1 to a horribly loud and clipping sound through the mains as well.

My system is not online, nor have I updated or installed anything new in the past 4 months or so. It was working fine two days ago, and all of a sudden this. I’ve tried tips from other threads but still no luck. If anyone has any info please share!