Okay, so i use to have cubase 5… never really had any issues with it.
with the cubase 7… idk if my buffer side is too low… or anything. i have an iMac. and cubase 7. Ur22 designed from Steinberg, I’m a complete cubase lover… but i cannot understand why the vocals are so low when i record.
i bought new equipment an everything. so ik thats not a problem. when i play it without the beat playing the vocals sound fine… but when the beat is on, if its too loud the vocals completely loose itself… i have Dt770 pro headphones… any suggestions?

Turn the beat down?

Do you mean your recorded vocals…or are you talking about the monitoring of vocals while singing?

Read something in manual about Cubase pre 5.5 had max fader level to +6dB.

Cubase 7 have +12dB max fader level, and this setting was said to have impact on sound of project.

Check out the setting, and set to +6dB and see if that matters.