Cubase 7 Keyboard Split / Zones / Mapping

I’m not an experienced Cubase user. I’ve searched but found no answer. Probably not asking the right question.

I would like to split my M-Audio Keystation 88es. Put Trilion on the bottom half and Omnisphere on the top half so I can jam/noodle with a drum track.

I did find this: For some reason it doesn’t work. Not sure why. I tried it several times from scratch but no go. Maybe because it’s Cubase 5? Works for him but not for me.

I didn’t watch the whole thing, but that’s the idea. be sure you turn ON the modules.

Thanks for the response.

I do have the modules on.

I have a hectic week at work this week, but this weekend I’ll take some screen shots of what I’m doing. Hopefully someone sees something I’m doing wrong.

Not sure if this will help:
Omnisphere will load Trilian patches, OR you could load both Trilian & Omnisphere as separate synths.
Load Omni patch in Omni Multi 1, Trilian patch in Omni Multi 2. Have both on the same midi channel.
Go to stack in the Omni Multi. Drag the left hand edge of the Omni patch to, say C4 and the right hand edge of the Trilian track to, say B3. Instant keyboard split. Doesn’t answer the 88es question but it does the job.

Thanks to both of you for responding. I actually found a really simple way to do it:

The reason I couldn’t find this in the help file because searching for " keyboard split" or “zone” or “mapping” doesn’t pull up anything. Maybe no one else wants to do this other than me, and if so, it doesn’t really matter. But if others do as well, then that’s a bit of an oversight in the manual.

Anyway, I’ll go over it here in case that other page disappears. Hopefully this will show up in Google searches.

It couldn’t be easier and it’s right in plain view. Under the “MIDI Modifiers” menu, go to “Range”. On the pull down menu select “Note Filter”. Set the minimum and maximum range with the arrow keys. Repeat this for however many other tracks you want to create a zone for.

You’ll notice in the pic that both Omniphere and Trilian are selected so both can be played at the same time. To do that, click on one track to activate it. While holding the shift key down, click on the other track(s) you want activated.

That’s it!

split splitting zone zones map mapping

Glad you got it sorted.
I was going to mention selecting both synths at the same time on the project screen, but would still have used the Stack options in the synths. I didn’t mention it so as not to confuse.
But I never thought (or knew) about the midi modifiers option so thanks for sharing your solution. It has given me ideas!