Cubase 7 LE - high VST Performance

Hi there,
I’ve just start work on my new computer as below:
ASUS H97-Plus
CPU i7-4790S
RAM: 16 GB (2 x 8GB 1600MhZ)
SSD 256GB Crucial MX100
HDD 2TB Toshiba
Sound card Esi Julia
system Windows 8.1.

Im working on Cubase 7 Elements, updated to 7.0.7 and unfortunately I have serious problem with peaks and vst performance. I’m using just a few instruments in SampleTank 3 and please look like the cpu meter looks in Cubase (file attahced). As you can see thare are almost maximum usage, but the task manager shows usage of cpu only at 5-8%.
What is interesting, using SampleTank outside the DAW, as a stand alone version, don’t show any serious problem like above. The cpu usage in the program shows less than 20%.
My buffor size on Esi Julia is set on 512 with huge latency with 11 ms. Could you please help me? How can i solve the problem?

Can files from cubase artist 7 be opened in cubase elements 7 LE, Im having problems. the tracks open but there is no audio?