Cubase 7 License

Hey everybody! :slight_smile:

I am running Cubase 7 in my bands studio.
But the thing is that I sometimes bring my work home with me.
The problem is that I have to bring my usb key back and forth everytime. And if I forget it at at home, next time I go back to the studio it’s kind of a problem, since there is 38 km. from my home to the studio. :frowning:

So my question is:
Is there a way that I can use the same license in my studio AND at home without bringing the one usb key everytime??

Best, Nikola //

Actually the only way would be to buy a second Cubase license, then you could have two dongles.

Hi, Nikola.

I don’t know if this would be a useful approach to you or not, but here’s my setup.

I run Cubase 7.0x off the dongle. However, I’ve also bought numerous pieces of Steinberg hardware (UR22/44, CMC controllers), and they come with a Cubase AI license. There are, of course, limitations on that version. However, one of my projects is a band with Cubase running at FOH. I find that the limitations of the AI version don’t conflict with my needs in that environment, so I run the AI version without the dongle in the live environment, and my 7.0x full version in the studio.

I’m particularly happy about this ability due to the chaotic and uncontrolled nature of bars and the risk of the dongle being broken through drunken carelessness, stolen, misplaced, etc. If that were to happen and I didn’t own a second license on a different dongle, the show would be screwed. Instead, I can run without that risk.

Perhaps something along these lines would be useful to you when you have to work from home. As an aside, I’m guessing you don’t own any plugins (e.g. Waves) that require an iLok, etc. Different Cubase versions wouldn’t help you there, of course.