cubase 7 locked all faders

hi guys i have problem all faders and the mixer channels in cubase are locked how can i unlocked them ??


What do you mean by “Locked”? Do they not move at all, or do they move when you drag them, but then “spring back”?

that could be due to many different reasons eg vst i/o not setup, controller reseting, etc etc etc
you dont mention your setup details. are you new to cubase?
its a very complex daw app,the best place to start is with the very excellent manuals provided and
further information can be found on the steinberg videos and youtube.

best of luck with learning/using cubase

It happened to me once, a couple of years ago. I checked everything (MIDI, settings, physical connections etc.) and it all looked fine. Then I restarted the computer and the problem was instantly gone (rebooting is actually a good idea every time you have an issue. And now that with Win 8.1 boot/reboot times are very short, it’s the first thing I try any time something looks wrong.) I have no idea what the culprit was. Maybe I installed an application, an update a driver etc. that temporarily messed with Cubase’s MIDI settings until restarted. Anyhow, it hasn’t happened again.

thanks for the help but yes I’m new to cubase all faders are locked mean can’t keep jumping if they move but if i press "key command ’ will work but i have to keep pressing and i use iMac 10.9.5 version I’m still trying but not working


any more help please ?

I think we are still not getting a clear enough picture of what is going wrong… try to be a bit more detailed, please :wink:.