Cubase 7 log files

I can’t seem to find the Cubase 7 crash log anywhere, the only thing I can find are a few .dmp files which I can’t seem to open. In cubase before there was a simple txt file that listed crash events and their cause, is there anything like this in C7? I’ve contacted Steinberg but no reply after a week now.

in your " my documents / c7 / crash dump folder ?

In that folder there are .dmp files but like I say I can’t seem to open them, is there any way getting the text file same as before?

Anybody would know the location of a log file that we can read after a crash?
The dmp files are of no news since we can’t read them…or do we need a specific tool?

You’ll need a specific tool to make any sense of them…I can’t remember them ever being a plain text file but then my memory isn’t that great :confused:

& Just to clarify…even with a specific tool you may not be able to make much sense of them…they are not really meant for user diagnosis.

So how SB support do to diagnose Cubase crashes then?
I have a project that is now unusable. As soon as I touch something, Cubase crashes.

Do you have autosave on?..this will automatically create backups and you may have a earlier version that opens

Otherwise try renaming your vstplugins folder/s and see if it opens…if it does then systematically add plugins back to a correctly named vstplugins folder and re-open project until you narrow down which plug causes the problem.

Thanks Grim I know the drill. I was hoping for something smarter and more efficient…
…and I found it!

In the Windows Event Viewer, under Application, I had an event telling me which plugin crashed prior to Cubase so I found the faulty one.

Thanks anyway,
Happy new year