Cubase 7 Mackie Control for Yamaha 01X


In previous Cubase versions like 6.5 there was the Yamaha 01x available as a midi controller. I have my 01X working and want to try it in Cubase 7 but it’s not available/selectable anymore. I heard it should be possible to get it working with mackie control. Is that mackie control working properly in Cubase 7 or shouldn’t I spend time to it to try? I just want to get my 01x working as a midi controller. I use my UR28M for audio. Please let me know if it’s possible.


Here’s the problem as I see it.

Yamaha O1x (and expansion bay i88) got it’s shorts ripped off after a long tough haul with folks who bought it and were used as beta testers to the point when Yamaha finally got it working correctly, then they quite writing new drivers throwing us O1x-ers on the dung heap. I guess I am still more than a little miffed about this considering Yamaha still writes code for M-Lan (they call it something different now, cause it bombed on the market) for their high end interfaces, yet left the folks who trusted them and helped work out the bugs at Windows XP and Vista. The O1x-ers would have been more than happy to pay for firmware or driver upgrades, but no. So…

O1x drivers stop at Windows XP (best) and Vista (ok)
Cubase 6 requires Windows XP or newer OS
Cubase 7 requires Windows 7 or 8

The O1x will not interface with C-7

Possible work-a-round: use O1x in it’s free standing mixer mode and run it through your ur28m. The ur28m become the a-d,d-a interface with the O1x as just a mixer.

It’s this very problem that keeps me from upgrading to C-7 :angry: :confused: