Cubase 7 messing with imported files

Hey everyone, I’ve recently encountered an incredibly odd issue, hope you’ll be able to help me figure out exactly what’s going on.

I’m using Cubase 7 Elements, when importing an audio file into a project Cubase automatically tweaks the file, assumingly trying to sync it with the track, and actually making it out of tempo. All I want is to import the file without any tweaks to it whatsoever, how can I do that?

Longer version:
I’m recording a playthrough of a track I did in a collaboration and I noticed that the audio file of the backing track doesn’t sit too well on the click track. The backing track file is at 120 BPM, the project is set to 120 BPM, however when I import the backing track into the project it progressively gets out of sync with the click track.

I was wondering if that’s an issue with the backing track or is it on my end, so I started a new Cubase project, set the BPM at 170, and when I imported the file - it was sped up very significantly, so my conclusion is that Cubase is trying to sync the file to whatever speed the project is at, messing it up in the process. My question is - how do I disable it? How can I just import a file and not have Cubase tweak it automatically?