Cubase 7, Motif XF Extension issues

Hello all! I have recently purchased Cubase 7 and am excited to see all the new improvements! However, I am having some issues with the Motif XF extension that I was once using with Cubase AI5. More specifically, when I choose the premade templates with the VST, 2 things occur:

  1. When I record on one VST channel, and switch to another, I hear the other channel sounding at the same time.
  2. I cannot seem to record any audio (vocals) through the A/D channel. I can hear myself, and even see the levels moving in the transport box, but no levels move on the individual track nor records even when the track is armed.

I am new to DAWs, and figured having used Cubase AI5 and getting used to the interface enough I would be ready to upgrade, but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have checked all of my routing and everything seems to make sense, but I am stumped! Please help!

Using MacBook Pro 2012 13" 2.5 ghz 4g ram OSX 10.8