Cubase 7 No sound Through Presonus 1818

Hello everybody:

I have Cubase 7 on a Mac Mini, with a Presonus 1818VSL
I’ve installed and it seems to be working just fine with the built in audio interphase, however when I try to get sound through the Presonus it’s not working. I’ve done the setup through DEVICES>DEVICE SETUP>VST AUDIO SYSTEM

After that I’ve did the setup of the inputs and outputs from DEVICES>VST DEVICES

and when I check DEVICES>DEVICE SETUP>VST AUDIO SYSTEM>Audiobox 1818VSL all of them seem to be active (For some reason I cannot attach this screenshot)

However there is no audio going in or out. I’ve created a project with an audio track loaded with a sample, another track with a mic input and another one with a midi track on which I wrote some notes. None of them is working, the meters are not showing any audio activity in any way. I’ve checked all the information on the the settings and I don’t seem to have forgotten any steps, also checked the forums and didn’t find any solutions. For what I’ve researched the problem people have in general is doing those settings.
Any ideas where may I be wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Input Monitoring activated?