Cubase 7 on Mac OS Sierra or El Capitan?


Did anyone ever try to run Cubase 7 on Mac OS Sierra? Or El Capitan?

I know a lot of problems were reported on Yosemite. I have Cubase Artist 7.0.7 so I never upgraded past Mavericks, but now more and more softwares are asking for minimum Yosemite and Cubase 7 is holding me back. I really would prefer not to upgrade Cubase.

Thank you!


It’s not officially supported. And there is an known issue. You cannot use Sample Rate higher than 48kHz with Class Compliant Audio Device. In this case, there is no sound.

Have people successfully got Cubase 7 working on Sierra? I only see problems in the forum but nobody posts afterwards to say whether they eventually go things working…

I’ve been on Cubase 7.07, and my mac has died 70% through an album project – I’m going to get a new computer (which will of course be on Sierra 10.12 already), but there’s no way to downgrade the OS, and I don’t want to upgrade Cubase mid-way through the project.

If anyone has got it working I’d appreciate the info (if it definitely doesn’t work I’ll try and buy a used/secondhand old computer just for this album but that seems like a bit of a waste in the long run…)

For the benefit of others in the future, yes I have successfully got Cubase 7.07 running on a 2017 iMac that came pre-installed with Mac OS 10.12 Sierra and I’m back in action.

There are some occasional (only seen it twice) minor graphical issues with drawing windows (e.g. I tried to open the Virtual Instruments rack and it indicated that it was opening in the window menu, but it wasn’t drawn on screen), but all audio is performing perfectly. Once I restarted, I haven’t seen the problem again.

So, although it’s not officially supported, 7.07 seems to functioning just fine.