Cubase 7 pricing

Cubase 7 up date for most long time users of 6 $199.00
The new Logic Pro X from apple $199.00 (looks nice and we all know logic’s at least respectable if not more)

Yep, costs are equal. Which gives Cubase the edge since it superior in far more categories than Logic.

from apple … we all know logic’s at least respectable if not more

If by respectable, you mean incredibly abusive and predatory sales machines in history that is trying to sue the competition out of business while claiming innovations that were innovated by other companies …


Why don’t you join the discussion in the other threads?


No thanks. We already did when Cubase 7 was about to come out more than half a year ago. See here. OK, one thing then: there is a reason the Cubase update is equal in price to the complete Logic: the intrinsic value of the latter is obviously worth the same as an update of the former.

I use it for far less then most i understand that’s why i need answers to which if either was really better. For my use they both would probably do the job ,mostly audio for video with a little band recording. But before I gave Apple or Steinberg my $199.00 i figured I’d do a little research. Sorry i offended my man @JMC

Well, in that case; just stick with cubase 6 - does all you need and more, for $ 0,-.

No offence taken … I don’t like Apple trolling. So, I tend to emphasize overly generous and generalized Apple praise statements. You might as well start the paragraph with “As any rational human being knows …” :mrgreen: