Cubase 7 problem, Help please!

I just created a whole song with many tracks that all work fine other than these two Groove Agent tracks that will no longer play!

It is so frustrating as they have played all along so I have composed a full length song for these two tracks to simply stop being audible.

Their volume is up, they are unmuted, the samples even appear as if they are being triggered but with no sound to be heard!

I tried reimporting the samples after “bounce selection”-ing each sample individually, duplicating the tracks and reimporting the samples in again. Still nothing.

I deleted a track to free up memory. Still nothing.

Restarted Cubase twice. Still nothing.

Exported an audio mixdown and the two vocal tracks are still inaudible!

All that work.

If anyone has any suggestions at all, I would seriously appreciate it.

Thank you.


“Exported an audio mixdown and the two vocal tracks are still inaudible!”

Are these vocal audio tracks or Groove Agent instrument tracks?

What specific operating system and version are you running? What specific version number of Cubase 7 are you running?

Thank you,