Cubase 7 project corruption ( related or not to dropbox ? )


I’ve been encountering a few cubase projects corruptions over the past few months.
It’s not on every projects… but I would say it concerns 5-6 % of them.

A few informations about the projects :

  • Not too much tracks ( I would say between 20-40 tracks ) , a few kontakt, omnisphere VSTi, some audio tracks.

How it’s corrupted :

  • Some projects simply dont open
    -Some projects open but with half of the midi tracks missing… and with an error message : “parts of the projects could not be opened” ( I’m translating that from the french error message so it might be not accurate )

How I use my projects / save :

  • Some of these projects have been opened on 2 different mac computers, but with the same Cubase 7 version, and the same VST instruments, and saved to a dropbox folder.
  • Of course, the projects are never opened on the 2 computers at the same time , to avoid sync problems with the dropbox…

I must say these project corruption are frightening !
Lately , I had a big music project and I had to rely on Logic Pro which I never had a single corruption problem with…
I couldnt trust Cubase as my project needed 80-100 tracks for 30-40 minutes of music in a single session.
Imagine if my cubase project got corrupted at some point ? I woud have lost everything or half of the midi tracks!

IMO, steinberg should look into these corruptions problems , it’s a very serious issue…

All my projects are located on a Dropbox folder. I have never, ever encounter any corruption problem with cubase.
Have you checked your drives for bad sectors?

Since file corruptions are rarely reported you sort of have to do your own troubleshooting.

If ever you can reproduce the corruption it can be addressed. Without that level of specificity you’ll have to depend on SB developer testing to root out various problems that can cause file corruption.

nicoroy123 has it right– make sure your Macs are maintained, which basically means just means disk maintenance these days.

Thank you guys.

I dont have any disk issues…
I can’ really reproduce the issue as it’s really random.
My only suspect is dropbox as I often work in 2 different places , and maybe there are some rare cases
of a bad dropbox synchronisation… but Nico never had any corruption… so dropbox might not be the culprit after all.

Hi, this happened to me today. It’s the first time I’ve had a corrupt project file in years. I have Cubase 7 and work in 2 different places on 2 different Macs keeping my files in Dropbox. I was working on the project fine today until 12:42pm. then went out. I’ve come back at 5:45 pm and tried to reopen the project but get the Invalid project file message. It won’t open on either computer…

AH !
I’m happy someone finally has the same bug as me.

I think it has something to do with dropbox… Maybe a rare case where dropbox doesnt
sync the project file perfectly. We should contact DB

Aloha guys,

Is it possible to open these files using the C7
‘Safe Start’ feature?


  1. Do you have auto back up turned on. Not sure about the exact numbers but you can have Cubase save a back up every ten or fifteen minutes. Up to ten I think. That way, if your file some how got corrupted, maybe one of the backups would load without losing too much work.

  2. I’ve never used a drop box. They look useful but from what I’m hearing in this thread I have to wonder. If you need to work in two places, on different machines, I would a) make an original on each computer and then another one to the drop box, It’s just one extra save every time you finish work. Or b) use a good old USB Memory dongle.

Just for a while or until the next time you get a corrupt file. If the file on your dongle or computer hard drive isn’t corrupt then you’ll have pin-pointed the problem.

Just a couple of suggestions. I’ve only ever had one corrupt file, years ago. And I can’t say for sure whether it was due to something I had done. No way on earth should you be getting corrupt files 5 or 6% of the time, which makes me suspect this drop box. I doubt very much it is a Steinberg issue.

How ever, having just Googled drop boxes, they do look useful.

Hey, i sent my corrupt projects to steinberg support and they couldn’t open them either. So have written them off.
I’m still working in 2 places with cubase using dropbox to sync projects and haven’t had another corrupt file yet. I have also stopped using the apogee duet (version 1) as i was worried that may be the culprit also. Whether or not that has fixed my problem i’m not sure.

I use a programme called Dropbox for work. Four of us use Autocad and Office to produce engineering drawings and specifications. I’ve never known anything to go missing in more than five years now. In fact, ever time you save the file, a copy os kept that you can get back if you visit the website.

You get a folder on your hard drive and one in the cloud that you can share as if its a common file on multiple computers. In case anything gets lost or damaged you can get it back.

I heartily recommend it.

EDIT by the way, up to 2 Gb its free

If you go to your dropbox and right click (on pc :smiley: ) you can click on previous versions… then you can select a previous saved version of the project .cpr file…

Does that help?

I’ve just started my 1 terra dropbox… so far so good…