Cubase 7 questions

I am in the process of upgrading my home recording setup which is currently;
Windows xp
Steinberg CI2 (love it!)
Cubase AI 5

Windows 7 (new machine)
(grace period upgrade to -)
Cubase Artist 7
(I bought a Cubase Artist 6 upgrade from AI5, but have not installed it yet)
(Same interface - CI2)

Much of my work is arranging/composing with vsti’s, and I have been using Halion one which came with AI5.
I would like to upgrade to Halion sonic (full) and Halion Symphonic orchestra.

I also want, if possible, to only install one version of Cubase on the new PC to keep it cleaner.

There are a few things I wanted to find out;

  1. Does Cubase Artist 7 support the CI2 interface’s AI features (AI knob + Action pad)?

  2. Does Cubase Artist 7 support Halion Symphonic? (On the bying page it says cubase 5 & 6 only, but maybe they just haven’t updated it yet?

  3. If not the above is there a way to upgrade to C6.5 in the grace period? Or should I just stay with 6?

  4. Does the Cubase Artist upgrade path include trials of Halion sonic + Halion Symphonic? So that I can install them and just purchase a liscence online, or is there a way to download them if I purchse a liscence even if I don’t have the trial version installer?

  5. When I upgrade to Cubase Artist will I still be able to use Cubase AI5 (say, if I transfer the steinberg key to my home PC (as win xp can’t istall 6 or 7))

I’d really appreciate if someone could help me sort out my confusion.

Thanks very much!