Cubase 7 questions...

Hi, I find myself using Reaper nowadays, but i also bought Cubase 7 about a year ago. I found some problems that arise with Cubase that id like to find out answers for. Why is it, when i use cubase i cant play any music outside of cubase on my computer while cubase is open?? like youtube, or any music files etc… Also, when i go to Devices, then Plug in Information, everytime i try to update plugins the Cubase crashes… I have no idea, please help. thanks



there is dedicated settings. Open Devices > Device Setup, and click to the VST Audio System here. Under the ASIO Driver, there is the Release Driver when Application is in Background. When this is enabled, then you can use the same driver for more applications. Once you switch to another application, Cubase stops playback, and you can use the driver in another application.

In general, you cannot use one ASIO driver in more applications at the same time (if it’s not a multiclient ASIO). So if you want to use the same soundcard for more sources, use ASIO driver of the soundcard in Cubase, and different type of driver (for example DirectX, or Low-Latency Driver) in the other application.

If Cubase crashes on Plug-in Information, it’s some plug-in issue. I would recommend to update all of your plug-ins (and of course your Cubase to the latest possible one).