Cubase 7 requests


Edit Mode is a nuendo feature.Its very easy to work with picture with the edit mode function.

How about a slick dockable windows system like the one offered by Magix in Samplitude Pro X

Good… :wink:

and expensive… :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

Then I suggest upgrading to Nuendo. I´m lovin´it :slight_smile:

Is there any indications / rumors as to WHEN a Cubase 7 might come out?

Cubase is generally upgraded every 2-3 years or so. C6 was released in 2011, C6.5 in 2012, so I would guess that we’ll see Cubase 7 sometime in mid-late 2013.

This is not a rumour, but a wild guess based on Steinberg’s track record (no pun intended :slight_smile: ). Cubase (Wiki)

My guess : Cubase 7 will be released Jan. 2013 (most likely at the Winter NAMM 2013 show).

No, no… sorry, I reckon you guess wrong… :slight_smile:

I think they’re still too busy on Nuendo 6 - and that might be its release timeframe. Maybe earlier, by years end… But either way, C7 is well off into next year, when I gaze into my crystal ball.

(happy to be proved wrong of course. :wink: )

What if your crystal ball is cracked …and buggggy :mrgreen:

Ha…! Ah well, had no lottery win this week (again…!) so yes, a bit buggggy… its certainly not all its cracked up to be… :smiley:

VST Instrument sidechain for units like Access Virus who clearly state Cubase has an issue - please sort been waiting since ever sx3.0 onwards!

View a mixture of sends and inserts on the mixer at same time. ie 1-4 inserts/5-8 sends.

Audio routing for insert without using the quaddro setup and vst3.

Better portability of channel strips between projects regadless if audio or vst instruments/plugins.

Nothing else for now thanks :slight_smile:

Fix of whatever it is that makes a Free Warp not null out with it’s bounced version.

Is this already part of Cubase, if not it would be my Cubase 7 request: A separate Chapter in the manual that has the “Preferences” options printed out in detail.

There are many times when I’m away from Cubase that I’d like to review a Preference setting option. Currently, as far as I can see, they are scattered throughout the Operations Manual, except for a 1-1/2 pages in the “Working with Projects” section, which is just a general discussion.

Thank you -

I remember SX3 had a manual that we could highlight, write in the margins, underline, put “sticky notes”, etc. on (all using Adobe Acrobat). That was fantastic, it made it so much easier to review the next time I needed to go back to the same page with a question.

So my request is to have the .pdf Operations Manual unlocked so that we can do that again.

Thank you -

-OSC support
-sync of inspector/ mixerview (sends,inserts,eq) and auto function (if you remotely tweak eq you get autodisplay of eq in mixer or inspector, etc).
-button or option for automatic opening of all active plugins when selecting channels.
-keep focus on selected track when zooming out verticaly.
-extended mixerwindow option with eq, inserts and sends in one…
-ability to set the order of insert and eq
-VCA style channel linking. Now if you link channels this also goes for selecting. So option for “link only faders” or something similar, or option to use group faders as VCA/DCA (without routing the audio throug this group…)
-auxes on the master-buss
-ability to route effects to groups (I still sometimes use groups as effect returns for this reason…)
-vertical scroll handles on the left side of the arangement window
-or/and dedicated comands for arangement vertical scroling in the generic remote (now al that works is mousewheel when the mouse is at the right spot)

  • push/toggle options for ALL generic remote switchable functions (mixer, presets, inspector, vst-windows etc).
    Now this is not scriptable.
    -VSTI style generic remote asignment options for plugins, effect returns, master, and why not, channels ( they would show up as a device in the generic remote same as VSTI’s) aka studio-one style midicontrol for plugins
    -jog-style generic remote control parameter for zoom in/out (one cc)

-feedback detection and supression in the studio (drummer) sends, anyone?

drag and drop to 3rd party plugins (eg Battery pads).
ability restored to be able to save vst fxb presets
ability to grab a mixer channel and drag it left or right to re-order the mixer channels
properly fully colorise mixer channels
ability to use more than one asio driver (ie more than one sound device)
ability to replace the default eq in cubase when you hit “e” with a 3rd party eq
ability to set overall project key signature and have the key editor “mask/grey out” keys that are not in project key signature
ability to customize the names and folders for vst3 plugins
a logarithmic view for automation lanes
ability for “track presets” to save the aux sends
Steinberg to make some attempt to make Cubase competitive price-wise with other direct-competition DAWs (EG Logic, Ableton etc)
Cubase to have a Sampler supplied with its price like all the other major competition DAWs do.
How about a “feature request” of being able to add a track whilst Cubase is playing and whilst i am vibing on the production without Cubase freezing and stuttering and going silent and then hystericially coughing and splurting a few seconds later when the track pops up in a type of epilectic fit. inspiration killer right there.
off the top of my head that will do for now…

1.Bring back all now hidden eq and send buttons and options in c7 like it was in C6 (no upgrading for me until this is fixed).
2.Solve the font problems and truncating names problems (same).(Steinberg Forums)
3.See LC and HC “lines” on the EQ window (difirent colour).
4.Please fix all missing entries (and flags) in the generic remote.(Steinberg Forums)
5.One button or command for solo and listen defeat please. (Steinberg Forums)
6.Repair the listen function, so it also works when the mixer is not on screen.(listen button BUG? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums)
7.Ad an option to reverse solo and listen button in MCU and other remote controllers.(Feature request:"Listen replaces Solo" option PLEASE - Cubase - Steinberg Forums)
8.Ad a generic remote accesable command and a keycommand to “automaticly open/close all active plugins on channel selection.(Display Open Plug-ins of Selected Channel?? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums)
9.Osc implementation for Cubendo” (OSC/Open sound control support request - Cubase - Steinberg Forums)
10.Automation Nodes visible always (Please! Automation nodes *always*! - Cubase - Steinberg Forums)
11. docking plugin windows option (Preference for a single plugin window - Cubase - Steinberg Forums)
12. Add the full stereomix as an option to ADD (with level control) in the studio’s. This way you can create a REAL (with reverbs and mastering plugins this is ) “full mix + more me” situation.(Control room design request - Cubase - Steinberg Forums)
13.No limits on inserts, auxes, studiobusses, controlroom outputs.