Cubase 7 requests

Some wishes for C7:

  • group tracks with name and options like mute/volume/sends (like on Protools or Logic)
  • more plug-in options like copy, compare, undo…
  • better included plugs
  • stereo to mono or mono to stereo option on tracks (like on Logic or Studio One)
  • show/hide tracks on project
  • consolidated window view (like on Logic or Studio One)
  • copy sends
  • freeze tracks like on Studio One
  • group/aux presets
  • bounce in place (a great option to the freeze function, like on Logic)
  • able to change the order of the channels on the mixer
  • able to change the order of the EQ on the tracks (even if I don’t use it too much)
  • Variaudio improvements on artefacts, plus scales and a on/off switch on track inspector
  • Save playlists on the Lanes

Batch export for folders :wink:

Start record/play on midi event

(I’ll take it sooner than C7 if possible!) :sunglasses:

Cubase 6 is amazing. Here are two features that would make it even more so.

  1. Intelligent Batch Exporting and Folder Batch Exporting. A great new feature for Cubase would be batch exporting that looked at the send effects for each selected track and automatically assigning the effects outputs to the same output as the selected track. If multiple stems sent to the same effect Cubase would then be smart enough to automatically switch the effects output as it creates the remaining stems. This would save me several hours weekly on mix stem creation for film and TV.

  2. A mix knob or parameter on inserts for quick parallel track processing.

It’s very simple to parallel processing… Copy track and process one of those…
But of course it would be useful, like on Logic you’ve that possibility on some plugs…

Of course it’s pretty simple to to Dupe tracks and parallel process. That being said I work with an extremely large template on most my projects and track counts can get insanely high. While duping tracks to process is a pretty flexible working method it is much slower and can make projects less responsive with higher track counts leading to even slower workflow. In these cases a mix knob/balance on the inserts can really help productivity.

Another request. (I edit the 1st post…)


  • bounce in place (a great option to the freeze function, like on Logic)


I would like it to come in a box made of Play-doh. Apart from that there is not another thing I’d like to see implemented or fixed. in all other respects the program is perfect.

VariAudio - ability to copy/paste the end of one vocal note to another. Nobody who sings in my mic is a “good” singer, and the ends of notes are often what sticks out as not quite right. Finding a good one (not too much vibrato/tremolo, no drop in tone at the end) and using it to correct others would be great!

  • Variaudio improvements on artefacts (scales and a on/off on track inspector)

I’d like it to be able to divide by zero. :smiley:

Key commands for the extended toolbar in the score editor. PLEASE!! :yawn:

To make my audio interface spew rainbows and unicorns. :smiley:

Brain to midi with zero latency

Would that information not be recorded “early” or would you need to compensate for the overcompensation or lack thereof.

Regardless the use of Emulated Ports has only yet been able to accomplish basic tasks such as bringing a can of cola to ones’ mouth, let alone control the hands of someone who doesn’t have any.

Notwithstanding, the Direct(X) method of interfacing MIDI to standalone (organic) systems has not produced the sub-millisecond accuracy required for intimate performance of ones’ thoughts.

But exactly what nerves would you solder to the different pins of the MIDI cable? :wink:


Nope that would hurt to much, its more like an EEG to Pcie or Firewire :sunglasses:

But before Cubase 7 i want a lot of fixed issues and update 6.6 / 6.7 / 6.8 / 6.9 / 6.91 /… 6.99

Then all things are fix witch exist run lovely and then we think about new features.

Greetz Bassbase

And with a direct connection like that, what happens when you issue a MIDI panic?

Methinks it will not end pretty. :open_mouth:

Or maybe that’s how I’ll get my rainbows and unicorns! :laughing:

  • Save playlists on the Lanes