Cubase 7 SOLO Defeat

When you go in the arrange window with mouse over the S buttons there is a hint
ALT + Click (Solo Defeat) (in C6.5 it works fine with only ALT + CLICK)

This is not working (only in the Mixer)

In the Arrange Window (Tracks) you need CONTROL + ALT + CLICK for Solo Defeat !!

or u can press and hold left click in the channel inspector too.

Same here.
Is it a bug or this change is on purpose? If so, which one?
Why not keep the Alt+MouseClick, like in 6/6.5 and like on the Mix Console?


Yeah sometimes I wonder why thinks have to change when they are still fine!

I think they need to do something - either restore the Alt-click behaviour or change the help text. And the manual.

I hope that this: in the Solved Issues sub-forum doesn’t mean there will be no return to the old behaviour. I’m with whoever said it earlier - why change? I would guess there’s been a c-u but it’s not critical so will be let be.