Cubase 7 sounds better than 8 here at first sight

I have just loaded a Cubase 7 project straight into 8. I made quick 32 bit float bounces in 7 and 8. Sorry, but on first sight the new audio engine does not sound as good a the old one. I had worries because I did read about the performance increase in 8. I have not made any comparisions with different ASIO guard settings etc. I have just uploaded the bounces to the mastering studio I work for and the senior mastering engineer will check it later tonight. As i said: This is the result of a quick test. I have not checked if the sound difference is due to the audio engine or a new (?) channel EQ algorithm (new low cuts in 8). I need to look further into this. Any other opinions?

Does it NULL ?
Well someone had to ask :wink:

I phase inverted one mix. does not “null”. since my studio setting is quite complicated (mixing analog here) i am rechecking everything at the moment so that there is no routing quirk. but as far as i can see everything is coming out of my lavry stereo converter - which is my stereo out. would be cool if others would check it as well since i hardly have digital stereo summing mixes prepared here.

Define “good” and “not as good”. Sound is a matter of taste and preference.
Personally I found my projects to sound better without first knowing they changed the audio engine.

Different pan law settings?

Ok, here is how I check: I make two tracks with the mixes sitting right underneath. one is muted, one is playing. if i hit “solo” on the muted one, it switches to this one. with closed eyes i the klick on the solo button so many times that i can’t tell which track is playing. the problem: i find that the solo function makes a track sound different than when its playing straight. thats why i uploaded the mix to a mastering studio to check there on a “neutral” system. will give feedback as soon as i have it. i just wanted to get this community to check, the more ears that do so, the better…

Lol. There’s always one of these posts with each new version.

ok great !!

let us know what the mastering engineer say

i didnt know that the audio engine ‘does’ sound?

so is cubase a vst fx or instrument?

i always thought its a daw

cubase - the No.1 FX Plugin - and we never knew

Audio engine has been changed, they added ASIO guard 2. That should not change the sound. However if plugins are not properly delay compensated due to the added output buffer, then that would change the sound. I would be surprised if that is so.

The sound has changed and it sounds much warmer and better and it has been rebuild from scratch. I’m really amazed that some of you can’t hear and spot that?
It’s almost night and day different! …yes… same pan law.

Asio guard 2 is another story.

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I phase recorded a linear toilet flush and amplified it by 1000. I’ve sent it off to CSI Miami for analysis; I’ll let you know what they say.


I just bought a new pocket calculator. Now when I calculate “2+2” the resulting “4” is definitely more “clear”, “warm”, “natural” and “deep” than with my old calculator. :unamused:

Yes the sum is the same or must be the same. Unless there is some algorithm involved, and that would not be cool to include in an audio engine. I guess I have to do a null test, and be sure not to include any nonlinear fx.

That is such dry humor, I thought you were serious!


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True but you need to have the $9000.00 8 foot speaker cables as well!