Cubase 7 to Cubase 9

Hi guys !

I’ve tried to search on other topic but hard to get the exact answer i’m looking for.

I want to upgrade Cubase 7 to 9, i’m working on a lot of unfinished project now, i wanna know how the transition work, is there nothing really different (install upgrade and then just open the project), or should i reinstall every plugin and vst that i had before ? (and will he find every audio and sample i had on my project ?)

Thanks !

Firstly, remember you will still be able to use Cubase 7 after you upgrade so if you have issues with a particular project you can always revert to Cubase 7.

You should not need to re-install any of your existing plug-ins but remember any 32 bit ones will not function in Cubase 9, (although you may be able to use them via jBridge or similar). As well as the 32 bit plugins not being usable some users have reported issues with some other 64bit plugins being black listed by Cubase 9. Search this forum for Blacklisted plugins…

These points aside yes, you should be able to open up existing projects that were created in Cubase 7 and work on them in Cubase 9.

Thanks a lot for all the precision !

If i have the two Cubase then it’s perfect : )

Thanks !