Cubase 7 Trial to Cubase 7 (help please ?)

Hi folks,

Just a quick question please if anyone can help. i asked a few friends who have Cubase about this but they did not know because they have not done this before.

So, i have Cubase Artist 6 and am looking to upgrade to Cubase 7. i downloaded the free trial version about 3 x weeks ago and have been spending some time on it learning my way around it etc. i have also spent a long time configuring quite a few things to see how they compare to Artist 6. After 3 x weeks i have got it pretty much how i would like it (though at the level of a novice which i am).

My question is this :-

If i purchase Cubase 7 at the end of the trial period, will all my settings be saved ?? i mean, am i given an activation code upon making the purchase and this just keeps the current Cubase 7 on my laptop as it is, and with all the settings ?? Or do i have to download a different Cubase 7 (ie a non Trial Version) and so will have to start again from scratch creating my own templates etc ??



You can keep all your configurations, presets, templates, and so on…no need to reinstall.

There is a 5 GB download of Cubase 7 available, in the downloads section labeled as a full installer. I don’t know how big the Trial version is but it may have been light on some of the content (I know the C6 Trial was). I do not think that the installer replaces preference files (which is why after updates and re-installs many still have trouble until they trash the preferences). But, even if it did replace them, just copy your preferences folder somewhere safe before running the installer. After the install, check the preferences folder and put your preferences back in place.

Thanks a lot Makumbaria :smiley:

Jaslan is right. You may need to download some additional content.

Oh, so you think the Cubase 7 Trial does not give you EVERYTHING what is included in the ‘purchase’ version ?? And so there would be some extra elements to download/install once i have made the purchase ??

Does the ‘Preferences’ folder save all the things i have set within the Arranger page and Mixing Desk ??

Much appreciated mate. :smiley:

I can’t say for certain if content is missing in the Trial (I haven’t tried it yet). If the download was not roughly 5GB, then you are definitely missing some. The trial says it has “full FUNCTIONALITY” but not necessarily full content. Again, I know for a fact that the C6 trial version only had the “basic” HSSE presets and was missing the “artist” and “pro” presets. As far as the preferences, it should save anything that is not specific to a project (i.e. a global setting) in the preferences folder.


Thanks Jas,

i purchased the HALion Sonic sample library last year to go with my Artist 6, therefore i already have it. Not sure if the Trial version would include the HALion Sonic ??

So might this be as to why the download was not 5GB in size ??



I think that REverence and other stuff maybe are not included. But I am not sure. I bought my first Cubase directly (Cubase 6), without using a demo version.

i have some Waves plugins that i have placed in my Template Mixing Desk set up (like as Sends and Inserts etc). Will these configurations remain in place if i purchase Cubase 7 ??


Obviously as you say this is saved with the template, so simply make sure you keep the template…