Cubase 7 Update from Cubase 6

Dear Forum Users,

Let me ask you for an advice.After installing Cubase 7 Update from Cubase 6, I couldn’t launch Cubase 7(there were some issues during the activation of eLicenser), so I had to reinstall everything.
Could you please advise on:

  • Is it possible to remove licenses from eLicenser and download them again?(I can’t remove Cubase 7 license)
  • is there any manual on how to install the update on Cubase 6 Retail to upgrade it to Cubase 7?
  • Can I use the same eLicenser for Cubase 6 and Cubase 7 licenses?

KInd Regards,

Hello, and welcome!

  1. No, you can transfer it to the different key, only.

  2. Just install full version of Cubase 7. The “update” is just aout licensing. Once you activate your licence, the eLicenser checks, there is Cubase 6 licence, on the dongle. Nothing more.

  3. Yes, you can – you have to.