Cubase 7 Update from Cubase 6

Dear Forum users,

Recently I was facing some issues with installing the update, but luckily I solved them, so decided to share my experience , which may help you to solve the same problems and save your nerves!!!

  1. When I was installing the update, I thought that it would upgrade my previous version to the newer one. In fact, the update here means that you install your Cubase 7 version separately from the 6th. Finally, there will be two versions installed on your computer.

  2. I couldn’t install it from the disc that was in the package, in the middle of installation it required ‘Halion Sonic SE’ DVD. When I loaded the ‘Halion Sonic SE’ disc, the computer couldn’t read it.I had to download the full Cubase 7 version from the website, which installed without any troubles.

  3. After I successfully installed Cubase 7, I tried to launch it. After launching, when Steinberg Hub opened , it couldn’t connect to server. The cause why this happened was that my eLicenser, containing the license of 7th version, was plugged in the same USB port, where the previous version (in my case 6th)was plugged into. When I changed the port, during launching Hub connected to server and I could run my Cubase 7.

Hope you will find my description useful,
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Hi Pavel,

I also wondered what would happen to my previous version of Cubase when purchasing an upgrade (as I recently upgraded to Cubase 7 too). At the time, I just presumed it would ‘absorb’ the old license into the new one, but as it is - Steinberg allow you to continue to run any previous versions with your upgraded license which is a bonus!

As far as the Cubase 7 disk goes, I understand that it is intentional that you always have to download the full version from the web (i.e. likely part of a security/anti piracy approach) but at the same time, this also makes sure that you are running the most recent version (which is about to be updated again on the 27th so don’t miss it)! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you enjoy using your new copy of Cubase 7 anyway, I have to say I love it - Its seriously cool! :sunglasses:

Regards, Kat :slight_smile:

Why are you using two USB e-licencers?

I think it was just because he had already purchased Cubase 6 (with its own dongle) and then purchased the Cubase 7 upgrade (which came with a new dongle) so the previous one was still installed to a particular USB port during the change over.

I found myself in a similar situation and wasn’t sure whether to consolidate the licenses together onto a single dongle etc, but apparently (i.e. someone mentioned this in another thread) its not necessary because a Cubase 7 license is backwards compatible with any previously owned versions.

As such, I chose the new updated dongle over my previous ancient/prehistoric flea bitten one as the new one pulses like it has a heart beat which rocks!!! :sunglasses: man I’m such a geek ha ha… :laughing:

Dear Laurence,

This is because I installed a VST instrument, which came with it’s own dongle.

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Hi Kat,

This is 100 % true. Thanks for the info, will try not to miss it!

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