Cubase 7 vs. Cubase Artist 7

I am an amature producer who has been working in Cubase Elements 6 for about a year now.

I produce electronic music though occasionally I find the need to record vocals or instruments. I am also planning on buying this: or some other MIDI keyboard to use in conjunction with Cubase. I intend to produce House and Glitch Hop with as professional a sound as possible. As a primarily Solo producer of mainly electronic music, is there really any need for me to get the full version of Cubase 7, or should Cubase Artist 7 be more than enough to meet my home-studio needs? I’ve looked at the side-by-side comparison but most of it is unintelligible to me. Thanks!

Aloha S,
After reading your post I went to the MySteinberg site to
check out their comparision chart.

Cubase Artist 7 would be fine for you.

You get all the same VSTI’s (with fewer pre-sets tho’) and lot’s o’ audio tracks.

As well as other ‘not needed’ stuff there is a lot of ‘setting up a band on a studio floor’
(extensive monitor mixes etc) in C7 that you wont need.

That being said:
‘VST Connect’ might be something very useful in your ‘one man’ situation.

Of course everything is a trade off but for half the price, CA7 may even be a better
‘bang for the buck’ than the big boy. (C7)

Good luck with your decision.

HTH (hope this helps)

I reckon you’ll be fine with Cubase Artist 7. A lot of the numbers and feature differences won’t be missed unless you’re already familiar with and know you need them.

just make sure you have a good google search because there is a lot more under the hood that artist doesn’t do ,like variaudio , fx tracks ,control room which allows you to using more than one pair of monitors and quite a bit more stuff . D
Do your research first .,you could always buy Artist then upgrade to c7 if it’s not capable of doing what you need :wink: