Cubase 7 wallpaper

Hi Steinberg guys, can you upload Cubase 7 wallpaper in 2560x1440 resolution please?
Thank you!

We have uploaded the wallpaper as well now.

Please add it in 1680x1050 as well.

Why not just take the next size up and make it smaller? :confused:

Ed, can we also have ten different designs to choose from please?

Thank you very much, my dears!


as you can not move the gfx elements (text and logo), otherwisde it will be distorted and is looking ugly.

Please make it in 1680x1050

Just get the 1920 x 1200 and resize; they’re both 8:5.

nice, I can use this one. The red thing from 6 was not desktop material.

Indeed, it works! :stuck_out_tongue: