Cubase 7 What I got so far

Just finished the update today and so far I’m really happy with the new version … no major bug for me and I don’t know if it’s just me but my OLD 2008 Mac Pro run like a new machine …

So like alway I did a FULL backup of my system (Carbone Copy) to a spare HD just in case

At first no pic for my UAD plugins and I also got a C7 crash after the update, but was running fine after re installing the pack … i must say that I did not autorise UAD before launching C7 so I would say to update autorise then start C7

For Yamaha XS8 update the firewire, the USB Midi and the Expansion you should be golden …

Native Instruments 8 got some memory s errors messages in 32 bits but so far run great in 64 Bits

PS my main OS is Snow leopard and I run C7 in 64Bits

Aloha M,

Glad you are up-and-running and hope
you have checked around the board and
noticed those niggly lil probs (and solutions)
when using Snow leopard with C7.

Good luck!

If like me you use aggregated driver and update some of those drivers you may have to redo the aggregation … don’t forget to add them in the same order you added them the first time .

Have a niday