Cubase 7's Identity Crisis

If you were on a single monitor looking at the arrange page, trying out the stock plugins and vsti’s, you’d be forgiven for wondering what version of Cubase you may be working on. :unamused:

You go from the lovely new sleek synth skins of Padshop, Halion Sonic and it’s sleekly skinned instrument sets, along with Retrologue into the old, drab clunky grey boxes of Mystic and Prolouge that have been carried forward from older releases. Like wise with FX, the clunky old grey compressors, delays and other FX through to the newly skinned, but very grainy and not very well presented when compared to many third party designs (imho) Vintage Compressor and Dynamics.

But wait ! There’s more! The new EQ screens look quite respectable against the clucky old studio EQ and other FX, but Steinberg don’t stop there, oh no, they then want you to think your on some older version of Nuendo at the master stage when you call up the Multiscope or , but wait, there’s even more! They’ve even introduced the Voxengo colour scheme into the mix (though that is a well resoected third party admittedly, but would be nice to have a defo steinberg badge on the uniform if it’s wearing the badge)

My my, what a veritable pickled pizza GUI this “NEW” release has! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how many paparazzi will question Steinberg on all this at NAMM next week and Musik Messe a few weeks later and what sort of press we’ll end up reading? It could be quite embarrassing for them, BUT, who knows, maybe they’ve been hard at work in Photoshop and will deliver the completely new design that was promised on Cubase 7. I hope so, such cutting edge software (despite it’s many other problems) at least deserves to dressed in clothes that match and contrast each other, but better get the engine ticking over smoothly and working reliably before painting and polishing the car yeah? Unless of you like a load of old scrap parts bolted together just to make it all run…Properly? well Maybe…we can all live in hope eh?

Shame really, some great innovations in there and really is rock solid on this machine, not one freeze or crash yet since before Chritmas. A bit of tweaking on the click area maps for rack inserts/sends and include the mix console “objects” (the knobs) in the scaling feature when you zoom right out and maybe “lock” some areas of the mix console so the vu’s don’t suddenly, accidently turn the monitor into a 24 tube sunbed and a few other mouse fixes that don’t randomly change the wrong parameters on the mix console and it’s gonna become THE ONE TO WANT!!!

Actually, despite it’s .01 release status, I love it,though glad it’s side by side install with 6.5. If you haven’t tried it yet, be warned - it grows on you!!!